About me.

Gilberto Castillo is a music composer and sound designer with a keen interest in audio post-production and music production.


He is currently developing the releasing of two albums: “muted wanderers” an adaptation of music composed for a documentary, and “nearly an object”, a sound design/music album planed to be released on vinyl in 2018 and created exclusively for the installation “Hyperstructures” at the AEIVA (Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts -Birmingham, Alabama) by artist Jessica Angel and curated by John Fields.

Gilberto’s musical purposes have always been eclectic, he has written music for films, documentaries and children musicals; has written electroacoustic and experimental music for festivals in Colombia, Chile, Argentina, United States and Australia, and has made incursions to produce pop, rock and hip-hop, but always sound for image has remained his main interest.



His curiosity and particular approach to sound has led him to explore sound design and its boundaries with music, producing a body of work of audio-visual experiments and collaborations, as well as a solid knowledge and experience in sound design.


Along with music and sound design, Gilberto is an experienced audio postproduction engineer, freelancing for Australian companies such as Network 10 or international companies such as Nickelodeon.

Castillo also ran a not-for profit organisation (LabNova), which promoted tolerance and respect of differences through improvisations of different musical styles simultaneously.


He is currently working as senior sound designer at The Family Record Label as well as developing a community artist incubator for the Redlands, planned to launch in June 2017.


Gilberto lives & works in Birkdale, about 25 mins east of the Brisbane CBD



Gilberto Castillo doesn’t enjoy writing in third person.